What is this?

As an outlet for my thoughts not subject to the urgency, ephemerality, and pugilism of Twitter, I have created this newsletter. It will consist of stuff that is fun for me rather than anything particularly serious. So no politics, unless it's fun, but that's my day job and it usually isn't. It will not be subject to careful revision, because it will never be long enough to merit it.

For the foreseeable future, the content will be made up of links to what I have been reading, listening to, and watching—maybe even cooking or playing—that week. But it might not come out every week. I will not favor things that are new or newsworthy. (If you're in the business, you know that takes work.) I don't rule out the possibility of writing at greater length about matters that concern me, but I don't plan on it either.

If it seems like I'm not selling this concept, rest assured I have no intention to. There will be no money involved. This newsletter is going to embody the characteristics I myself most want from an email subscription: infrequent, short, and, most importantly, free. Hopefully it will also manage in the process to be interesting.


Shuja Haider
Not the Coke Studio guy.